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Dedicated to helping locums find a perfect job and agencies to fill posts as soon as possible.

A Perfect Job

A PERFECT JOB is a global platform that was built to connect medical professionals and agencies to help reduce staff shortage and increase patient flow. We also help with future career opportunities in the healthcare sector.            

After seeing all the problems in the industry for years a A Perfect Job was designed.

Not only making it easier for locums and healthcare professionals but also for agencies in getting the hospitals exactly the right staff what they need. Because the site is a global platform, an international platform it covers multiple countries, serving multiple agencies from all around the world. That’s why we can start searching for your perfect job using every agent we have.

We can search for up to 3 jobs at a time giving you more freedom and choice. Both parties are kept informed the whole time so that strong links can be built. But primarily is to help the most important client, the Health Care Industry, to find them the specific staff they need, when the need comes up, to reduce staff shortage and help to improve patient flow.

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  • Minimise, almost eliminate the risk of ever being out of work
  • Obtain the perfect job, that fits your needs in as many fields as possible
  • Have the ability to look around at any time to see what positions are available


  • Fill as many posts as possible
  • Gain access to the right staff
  • Stop wasting time on the phone, phoning Locums that already have work

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