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Looking For The Perfect Candidate?

A PERFECT JOB works by making all AGENCIES and PRACTISES aware as soon a person becomes available for a post they need to fill.

  • Define your global filters and see the number of job ads
  • Add agents and assign categories to them
  • Buy credits and see each agent's recent candidate purchases
  • See how many agencies have already purchased candidate's details
  • Receive documents from candidates

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Register as many AGENTS as you need so that the AGENTS working in specific fields have more control over what is sent to them. An AGENCY can have one AGENT linked to SURGERY, PEDIATRICS and another to other fields.



The contact details of the APPLICANT who placed the application on the system can be obtained using a CREDIT system whereby using one CREDIT can obtain the contact details of that specific APPLICANT that needs the specific post.

How To Start With A Perfect Job

Finding the perfect candidate just got easier. See how it works by watching the video.

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