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How It Works

Matching locums' job ads to only the right agencies to find you the perfect job you always wanted.

Streamlined Process

As this industry is a very competitive field, the platform is designed with a Genesis approach to support all agencies all over the world.

When there is a need for someone in a specific field, this state-of-the-art internet platform will give Locum agencies, GP practices and also private practices all over the world, the ability to just look and see who is available to fill their need at that time.

As Locums can keep their data securely on the site, we keep paperwork to a minimum.

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Realtime Analytics

All the adds you placed can be evaluated while they are active on the site. You will be able to see by how many companies your add was viewed, and also how many are interested.

The site gives you the ability to run up to 3 adds at a time and using the online platform showing you where the work is easiest to get.

Remember, that’s why we are here. Because that PERFECT JOB may not lie with your current agent! So from now on, before you do anything, have a look around for that PERFECT JOB!

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Keeping You Informed

All posts that are advertised on the site shows exactly what the Locum needs, the time he needs to start, the area he wishes to work in as well as all the other information that is so important.

Adds placed shows the specific ability of the Locum, the fields he can cover, the registration he has and much more, making it easy for the agency to see exactly what is needed.

Most important to remember is that we link agencies from all over to world to Locums from all over the world

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Realtime Analytics

Otherwise the e-mail will give you information regarding the amount of agents that have applied for your contact details and that the post is still standing open. You can decide to CONTINUE and the application you placed will stay active for another 2 weeks, the agents will be informed about this.

These 2 weekly e-mails will give you all the details about the post, mentioning also the names of the agents who asked for your details. At any time you can go online yourself, if you would like to and look how your application is standing or even cancel any active application.

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Find The Candidates You Need

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